• MPLS
  • Carrier Grade Microwave links
  • Carrier Grade Fibre links
  • VSAT
  • Multi-Point Microwave
  • APN
  • FTTX

Ubuntu Technologies Telecommunications Division specialises in:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) design, implementation and management.
  • Provision and management of Layer 2 dedicated links.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) access networks
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions ( APN )
  • Next Generation WAN Technologies (SD-WAN)

Ubuntu Technologies holds both ICASA ECNS and ECS licences with Wholesale network infrastructure agreements with Tier 1 Operators such as MTN Business, Vodacom Business, Metro Fibre Networks, Openserve, DFA, Link Africa, Comsol Wireless, Seacom. Ubuntu is a layer 2 aggregator of Tier 1 fibre and microwave providers. This allows us to achieve a greater coverage area for our clients’ sites compared to a single network provider. Ubuntu’s scale with various Tier 1’s allows Ubuntu to achieve significant costs savings to our clients.

Ubuntu Technologies assists Enterprise clients in modernizing their Wide Area Network (WAN), traditionally a MPLS based WAN. MPLS based WAN has proven costly, inflexible and is difficult to scale.

We utilise leading edge Software Defined–WAN (SD-WAN) architecture and technology. This ensures a Highly-Available, Self-Healing and Economically viable WAN solution which is able to cater for the high bandwidth, low latency  demands of centralised and Cloud based environments.

Our approach is consultative; we prepare a feasibility study and business case for the deployment of a Software Defined-WAN. This allows potential clients to understand the value created by migrating to a SD-WAN solution. We take responsibility for an end to end solution, including deployment and management of the access links and the WAN component.

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